From time immemorial, generally speaking, most human endeavor has been wrapped around two realities: the Present Reality (the way things are for most individuals) and a future Rational Reality (“The Ideal”, “Progress” – when most individuals, if only momentarily, will generally be satisfied with "things as they should be" and expectations and hopes for an even better future reality run high).  Accordingly, when conditions become so extreme that a sustainable, healthy, qualitative human existence is threatened and the Present Reality becomes the Present Irrational Reality, it becomes incumbent on the "dissatisfied majority" to transform this reality into a more Rational one.  To wit:

It’s no secret that most Americans generally believe that our political system has been hijacked by special interests, mostly via lobbyists and self-serving politicians of all parties.  Nor is it any secret that most American voters feel apathetic and powerless to change this Irrational Reality and are convinced that, no matter who is in office, nothing will ever change – not to the benefit of ordinary Americans, anyway!  That is why, for decades, many American voters have been reluctant to cast their ballots; registration and voting-pattern statistics generally support this.

Economic inequality runs rampant in the U.S.  The top 1.5% of the wealthy own 42% of all U.S. financial wealth and the bottom 80% own 5%, which threatens their welfare and denies them a fair shake.  This flagrant inequality, along with an unfair and irrational 74,000-page-plus tax code which is unable to generate the necessary revenue to pay for the needs of a modern democracy such as ours (e.g., social programs, infrastructure and communications), is slowly causing the U.S. to fall behind countries which not long ago were considered members of the underdeveloped "third-world".

As it stands, ours is a corrupt, self-serving, “revolving-door", "contribution-and-reward" political system under the influence of wealthy special interest groups where politicians and/or their staff members leave their positions in government only to be hired by these groups as lobbyists.  Then, these “new” lobbyists, through their “old-job connections”, are then able to funnel money back to politicians in order to advance the interests of their new employers.  One of the most egregious examples of "revolving-door politics" is the following:

 1. 1988 - Dick Chaney becomes Secretary of Defense under George Bush, Sr.*
 2. 1990 - Iraq invades Kuwait.
 3. 1991 - Iraqis ignite estimated 700 oil wells in Kuwait.
 4. 1991 - Dick Cheney enters $Billion-plus NO-BID contract with Halliburton.
 5. 1992 - Dick Cheney pays $3.9 million to Texas-based Brown and Root Services – a Haliburton affiliate.
 6. 1992 - Dick Cheney leaves government after Pres. Bush's defeat by Clinton.
 7. 1995 - Cheney becomes the CEO of Halliburton – without any previous business experience.
 8. 1997 - Cheney helps create "Project for the New American Century" (PNAC), which calls for removal of Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime.
 9. 1998 - Cheney oversees Halliburton's merger with Dresser Industries, which helped Saddam Hussein rebuild Iraq's oil infrastructure after Gulf War.
10. 2000 - August: Cheney leaves Halliburton's to run as Bush's Vice President; receives $33.7 million + retirement package from Halliburton.
11. 2001 - Cheney is now Vice-President; KBR, another Halliburton subsidiary, wins a $300-million exclusive contract to supply logistics to the Navy.
      Contracts worth $Billions are awarded to Halliburton and its subsidiaries for the next few years.

Given the above, that we need change is indisputable!  Only those who benefit from the Present Irrational Reality (its "Selected Beneficiaries") could possibly be opposed to a more Rational Reality!  The question is how? How can Rational Change be effected in our Present Irrational Reality – and how can Sophocracy help?  In fact, what is Sophocracy?

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* This Cheney-Halliburton example was chosen only because of its recent history, clarity and veracity – not because of party affiliation.
  See The Halliburton-Cheney Connection, Clean up Washington and Open Secrets.